Core values are a guide like the North Star for most of our clients when it comes to prioritizing their most important goals, wishes and dreams.

When clients begin working with us, we typically ask questions such as:

Understanding core values is important because they drive how we behave. And at AP Wealth we have intentionally articulated our Core Values to aid us in making every decision. Ultimately, these decisions affect how we work with our clients. 


To provide uniquely crafted, personalized financial management solutions that empower our clients to attain their financial objectives, build their wealth and protect their legacy, while embracing the highest standard of excellence.


To serve as excellent financial stewards for our clients.

What matters to us at AP Wealth?


Excellence is a standard to which we hold each other accountable. As entrepreneurs, it’s in our blood. We expect all team members to show up each day and provide our clients with outstanding service and thoughtful wealth management solutions.


Transparency is the cornerstone of everything we do. Transparency fosters trust and puts us on the same team with our clients, a team where everyone is working toward the same goals.


Success can mean many different things and is unique to each family. AP Wealth works hard to understand what success looks like to you. Then we help you work toward those important milestones on the journey of life and ongoing success.


Holding the highest industry credentials and focusing on lifetime learning and professional education is very important. When you hire a financial advisor you are hiring a CFO for your family. What qualifications would you want that person to have? It's important to us to constantly be learning and able to offer a broad range of expertise to our clients. This is why our team approach is so helpful -- our combined expertise is offered to all clients.


Personal finances are full of complex topics and concepts. We do our best to simplify things in a way that makes sense to you and gives you peace of mind. Everyone digests information a little differently, so we customize your experience by focusing on the things that you need to be doing or thinking about right now. Your financial goals will be prioritized and delivered step-by-step to avoid that overwhelming feeling that occasionally comes with personal finances. We help you accomplish the necessary steps in the right order for the best results.


We believe that trust is something that must be earned, not expected, and sometimes the bonds of trust take time to develop -- and typically strengthen overtime. The small things we do each day to provide outstanding service helps build our clients' trust.


Our clients are often looking to simplify their financial life. One way we help do that is by collaborating with all who are involved in their financial life, such as an accountant or attorney to create a personalized financial plan that takes our clients full selves into account.


The North Star is the anchor of the northern sky. It is a landmark, or sky marker, that helps those who follow it determine direction as it glows brightly to guide and lead toward a purposeful destination. Just as the literal North Star provides direction and helps travelers stay on course, so does our inner North Star. It’s our inner compass; the part of us that knows our passion, purpose, and life direction.

If our values align with yours, then we might be a great fit!

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