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Story of an Intern

by William Helfgott During my internship at AP wealth, I saw the interworkings of the group as a whole, the process, and the positive results ...
Financial Planning

Retirement Plan Rollovers – 101

Do you have an old retirement plan? Is it still with your previous employer? Or has your company just been purchased / merged, and the ...
What We're Talking About

Will the U.S Default and What Are the Ramifications?

The target or “X” date is a moving target. If the US debt ceiling is not raised or expenses cut the US could default on ...

Israel Trip – Lessons in Spirituality and Politics

In a beautiful coincidence, Gene , Tom, and Sharon all traveled to Israel and some of the surrounding areas in the first quarter of 2023. ...
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Quarterly Newsletter – Celebrations in 2022 & Looking Ahead to 2023

AP Wealth Quarterly Newsletter Celebrations in 2022 & Looking Ahead to 2023  We wish you and your loved ones a blessed and happy new year! ...

10 Things to Consider When Planning to Transition into Retirement